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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Where can I find AFL Membership on match days? 

We will always have an AFL Membership Team Member available to assist at each match throughout the Toyota AFL Premiership Season and Toyota AFL Finals Series.

We are located at:
MCG: Gate 7, Box Office Window.
Etihad Stadium: Gate 5, Club Hub booths

What is the best way to contact the AFL Membership Team?

The AFL Membership Team can be contacted via phone or email.

Ph: 1300 722 515

Where can I find my AFL Membership Number? 

Your membership number is your account ID and can be can be found at the top of your membership card.

When contacting AFL Membership you will be asked to provide us with your membership number/account ID to help us verify your information.

Please be aware your membership number will never change throughout your years of membership. 

What is my barcode number?

Your barcode number is a 12-digit number located at the bottom of your membership card. This barcode can be used to upgrade to reserved seating via Ticketek or Ticketmaster.

Please note, your barcode number will change every year. 

What is my online AFL Membership Account?

Your AFL online account allows you to access all information regarding your 2018 AFL Membership. 

How do I update my personal details for my AFL Membership? 

To update your address, phone number and email, please log on to My AFL Account using your membership number and password. Alternatively, please contact AFL Membership via phone or email. 

Can my family and friends use my AFL Membership?

Your AFL Membership is strictly non-transferable, the name of the person printed on the membership card is entitled to use the membership benefits.

Membership checks will be randomly conducted throughout the 2018 season. If your membership card is found to be used by another person, the membership will be confiscated and further action will be taken. 



Membership Cards and Packs

How long does it take to receive my AFL Membership Card? 

After November 2018, please allow 2-4 weeks for your membership card to arrive, within this time you will receive an electronic card via email, which will allow you access to all games at the MCG and Etihad until your membership card arrives. 

When will I recieve my club of support merchandise pack? 

Once you renew/join as an AFL Member, your club of choice will be notified and will send your merchandise pack. You should receive it within 2-3weeks, if you do not receive your club of support pack please contact the club directly. 

I have mispaced my AFL Membership card. How do I arrange for a new membership card to be sent out?

To organise a replacement card to be mailed out, please contact the AFL Membership Team on 1300 722 515. Replacement cards cost $5. Once your new card has been printed, your original membership card will be cancelled and new barcode will be applied within 48-72hours. 

I don't have a membership card, can I still access games? 

Yes, if you have not received your membership card please come visit us on game day with a valid ID and we will issue you with a General Admission Ticket.


Concession Access


Valid Concession Types for 2019 AFL Membership: 

Full- Time Tertiary Student* X  
Part-Time Tertiary Student   X
Full-Time Secondary School X  
Aged Pension  X  
Disability Support (DSP) X  
Disability Carers (CAR)   X
New Start (NS)   X
Health Care Card (HC)   X
Single Supporting Parents (PPS) X  
TPI Pensions X  
War Veterans X  
War Widow X  


 *Please Note: dependants listed on the pension card are not eligible for a concession membership unless they own their own pension card. 

I have an AFL Membership and require a companion to be with me at all time. Do you have a companion membership available?

AFL Membership affiliates with the Companion Card Program and we are committed to providing your companion with a complimentary membership to enable them to accompany you to games. You will be required to send through an email with a scanned or photocopy of your Companion Card and we will issue your membership, with a complimentary Companion Card. 

Can I join as a concession membership before I receive my concession card?

Yes, although you will not receive your membership card until we sight your concession. 

Companion  How do I  validate my concession?

Please send through a photo/scanned copy of your concession to


Match Day

Which games can I attend? 

Silver and Gold Members have access to 40 games General Admission across Etihad and the MCG.

Bronze members have access to 10 games general admission at the MCG only, excluding ANZAC Day. 

Where can I find information on general admission seating for each round? 

Every Thursday before the upcoming round, general admission seating for the MCG and Etihad will be updated on Around the Grounds. 

Can I access interstate venues/stadiums with my AFL Membership?



Your 2019 Ticketing
On-sale Information


2019 Toyota AFL Premiership Season On-Sale Dates







* AFL Bronze Members do not have access to Etihad Stadium

Payment Options

How can I pay for my AFL Membership? 

  • VISA or MasterCard
  • Cash
  • Cheque 
  • Money Order

*We do NOT accept American Express or have Bpay or PayPal options available. There are several ways make your membership payment, including online via your My AFL Account, in person, via phone, email or mail. 

What is AFL Advance EasyPay?

When you join or renew as an AFL Member you have the option to place your membership on a EasyPay Payment Plan, which allows you to pay your membership fees over a 10 or 6 monthly instalments. Monthly payments will be withdrawn on the 28th of each month from your chosen credit or debit VISA or MasterCard. 

*Please note we are unable to direct debit directly from your bank account. 
*A $10 annual fee will occur for placing your membership on the EasyPay option. 

How can I update my payment information? 

You can update your credit card details by logging on to your My AFL Account online and updating your payment information. You can also update your payment information by calling AFL Membership Services on 1300 722 515. 

Can my AFL Membership be automatically renewed each season?

Absolutely, if your membership is on the AFL Advance EasyPay option, your membership will automatically renew in November.  This makes things quick, easy and simple, whilst allowing you the flexibility to opt out of the plan once your payments have been made. 

 How do I update my Credit Card details? 

Members can log into their My AFL Account via the AFL Membership and select Update My Details. This will enable you to make the required changes. Alternatively, please contact us on one of our staff members will be able to assist you in updating the details over the phone. 




Membership Types

How can I become an AFL Gold Member?

When you join as a Silver Member you are automatically placed on a Waitlist to become a Gold Member. You will receive an updated waitlist number with your renewal form each year. 

*We are unable to estimate how long it will take to become a AFL Gold Member due to the unpredictability of Gold renewal numbers each season. 



Does my AFL Membership have country discount entitlements?

Yes, but only for Gold AFL Members residing more than 180km from Melbourne GPO. AFL Silver members do not qualify for a country discount. 

Does AFL Membership recognise Family Memberships?

The AFL does not have a specific family membership but does have a family discount offer available. To be eligible for a discounted Family AFL Membership:

  • All members must complete 1year of full-fee paying membership before being eligible for the family membership.
  • 2 full-fee paying adult members + 1 full fee pay junior or concession member = complimentary junior upon payment of 1st year.  
  • Any additional juniors will be provided with a complimentary membership upon payment of the first year member.


What is an Under 7's Membership? 

An AFL Junior Membership is for children under the age of 7years who have not yet reached the eligible age for a Full Junior Silver Membership. The Under 7's Membership is a one-off $205.00 fee, until the child reaches 7years of age. 

The AFL Under 7's Membership includes a membership card, which will allow your child to purchase reserved seating with the rest of the family. Your child will also be placed on the waiting list for a AFL Gold Membership. 
*The Under 7's Membership does not include club of support. 

What is the Junior access policy with the AFL Reserve? 

Junior's under the age of 3 years as of the 1st of January 2018 do not require an AFL Junior Membership or Junior Guest Pass and can enter the AFL reserve free of charge; however, they must not occupy a reserved seat. 
Juniors over the age of 3 years and under the age of 17years as of the 1st January 2018 will be required to obtain an AFL Under 7's or Juniors Membership or Junior Guest Pass to enter the AFL Reserve. 


What is an Absentee Membership? 

An absentee membership is a holding fee for your membership status. An absentee membership does not include access to games or finals. However, the AFL does issue Adult Absentee Members with two MCG AFL reserve Guest Passes, which can be used for a walk-up match at the MCG. 

How much does an absentee membership cost? 

The Absentee Membership is $150 for an adult and $75 for a junior. 

 Is there a limit on how many years I can put my membership on hold? 

No, there is no limit on how many years you can place your membership on Absentee. 



What is AFL Members Dining? 

AFL Members Dining is an additional member's service where all members are entitled to make a match day reservation within the AFL Member's Dining Room at either the MCG or Etihad Stadium.

Does dining include a reserved seat?

Yes, all dining reservations include a reserved seat within the AFL Reserve. Level 2 at the  MCG and Level 1 at Etihad Stadium. 

Can I bring guests into the AFL Members Dining Room?

Yes, we encourage all our members to bring friends and family along to the dining room. Please note Guest prices are higher than members.

What is the dress code in the AFL Members Dining Room?

Our dining room is smart casual. No singlets, no shorts. Demin is accepted but no rips.

Finals Access

How do I access information on the Toyota Finals Series? 

AFL Members will receive a Finals Information Brochure late August prior to the Toyota AFL Finals series. This brochure will feature everything you need to know regarding your membership entitlements for finals and ticketing arrangements.

Please visit for further information regarding the Toyota AFL Finals series.

Do I have access to the  Toyota AFL Finals Series? 

All AFL Members (excluding Absentee Members) have access to all finals matches played at the MCG and Marvel Stadium throughout weeks 1 and 2 of the  Toyota AFL Finals Series.

Gold and Silver members will have access for Week 3 of finals.

Bronze and Absentee members do not have access to Week 3 of finals.

What are my Grand Final entitlements as a Gold Member?

Competing Clubs- tickets will be available to Gold Members with nominated Club Support for either competing team. These tickets will be made available via an exclusive on-sale.

Non-competing clubs- the remaining AFL Member tickets allocation will be made available to all AFL Gold Members, regardless of the club of support following the Competing Club Support on-sale. (Please note this is only available to members who have not already obtained a ticket using their member entitlement).

What are my Grand Final Entitlements as a Silver Member?

Access via Club on-sale: AFL Silver Members with Competing Club Support package may have the opportunity to access a ticket through their club’s ticket allocation in the public section of the ground. Members will need to clarify eligibility and the ticket selling process directly with their club of support.

Access to the AFL Reserve: should the AFL Members Grand Final ticket allocation NOT be exhausted by AFL Gold Members; any remaining tickets will be made available to Silver Members in the following order:
1. Competing Clubs– Silver Members’ with Competing Club Support for one of the competing teams will have the opportunity to purchase during the Silver Club Support on-sale.  
2. Non-competing clubs – If there are any remaining tickets from the above on-sale, all Silver Members will have the opportunity to access within a set timeframe.

*AFL Silver Members are advised to check after 5pm EST on Monday the 25th of September for updates on ticket availability in the AFL Reserve for the Toyota AFL Grand Final.

Are Finals tickets transferrable?

All  Toyota Finals tickets for AFL Members are strictly NON-TRANSFERRABLE. Membership checking will be conducted at every MCG Final.

Please ensure you have your membership card with you at all times.

AFL Members who do not have their membership card on the day or those who cannot verify that the AFL Membership is theirs will not be admitted to the Grand Finals and may face further penalties as a result of breaching the terms of their AFL Membership.

Can I re-sell my AFL Membership Finals Ticket? 

AFL Members tickets are NOT available for resale. Tickets should NOT be sold on any ticketing agency (Ticketmaster Resale, Viagogo, Ebay, or Gumtree). If you are caught re-selling tickets your tickets will be cancelled and appropriate consequences will be followed-up.

Payment and transaction details: 

  • There is a limit of 16 tickets per a Ticketek transaction.
  • You will be required to quote all Membership barcodes when purchasing tickets.
  • A limit of 4 guest passes can be purchased per a membership, subject to capacity.
  • Payment of tickets; VISA or MasterCard.

Where can I locate AFL Membership Team Membership available to assist at each match throughout the Toyota AFL Finals Series? 

We will always have an AFL Membership Team Member available to assist at each match throughout the Toyota AFL Finals Series. We are located at the Gate 7 Box Office Window.

I am an AFL Member, can I bring guests to the Toyota AFL Grand Final? 

Unfortunately, there are no guest passes available for Gold or Silver Members for the Toyota AFL Grand Final.

Can AFL Silver and Gold Members bring a guest to weeks 1-3 of Finals?

Guest passes for finals played in Victoria may be available to purchase in Weeks 1, 2 and 3 of the Toyota AFL Finals Series, subject to availability. Please see Guest Pass prices on Qualifying and Elimination, Semi and Preliminary Finals pages. 

What entitlements to juniors have to the  Toyota AFL Grand Final series?

Children under the age of 3 as at 1 January can access the AFL Reserve at no cost, as long as they do NOT occupy a reserved seat. 

What entitlements to juniors have to the  Toyota AFL Grand Final:

Children aged 3 and under as at 1 January are entitled to enter the ground at no charge with a ticketed guardian; however, they must not occupy a seat. 

My club of support is playing interstate, do I have access with my AFL Membership? 

The AFL does not make any guarantee that there will be a match played at the MCG or Etihad Stadium in any of the first three weeks of the 2017 Toyota AFL Finals Series.

If you are an AFL Member with a Club Support for a competing team interstate you can choose to purchase during the Club Member on-sales for Weeks 1 – 3 of the Toyota AFL Finals Series. If purchasing within the Club Member allocation, remember that the ticket will be in the public section of the ground, not the AFL Reserve. 

Ticketek contact information: 

AFL Membership advises to please contact Ticketek for any ticketing issues.

Special Needs: 1300 665 915
AFL Ticketek Hotline: 1300 552 072