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How can I become an AFL Gold Member?    back to top

When you join as an AFL Silver member you are automatically placed on the Gold Member Waitlist. This waitlist number changes with each year you are an AFL Silver Member.

We are unable to estimate how long it will take to become a Gold AFL Member due to the unpredictability of renewal numbers each season however you will receive your updated waitlist number each year on your renewal form that is mailed to you each season in November.


What is a waitlist number? Where do I find it?    back to top

Your waitlist number to Gold AFL Membership is found on your AFL Membership Renewal Form. This number will be updated each season after Gold Member Upgrades have been completed and will be communicated on your membership renewal invoice.

We will also advise you how many members were invited to join Gold Membership each year so keep an eye on your emails! You can also log in to your My AFL Account online and check your waitlist number from December 2016.


What is AFL Advance Easy Pay?    back to top

When you join with AFL Membership you can utilise our part payment direct debiting program which allows you to split your membership fee up over 10 monthly instalments or pay upfront in one instalment.

For any existing members currently not on the AFL Advance Easy Pay you can chose to utilise this option by selecting it on your membership renewal form, renewing your membership on your My AFL Account or by contacting one of our membership staff on 1300 722 515.

If paying by monthly instalments, a $10 Administration fee will be charged to accounts within three days of the first instalment. Please see below for schedule of payments.

Payment Schedule
November 28,2016
December 28,2016
January 28, 2017
February 28, 2017
March 28, 2017
April 28, 2017
May 28, 2017
June 28, 2017
July 28, 2017
August 28, 2017


How can I update my credit card details?    back to top

You can update your credit card details by logging on to your My AFL Account online and navigating to the settings page to manage your credit card details.

If you are paying your membership with AFL Advance Easy Pay, the updated card will become your preferred credit card and future instalment will be taken from that card. You can also update your credit card by call AFL Membership Services on 1300 722 515.


How do I access the 2017 Toyota AFL Finals Series?    back to top

2017 AFL members will receive a Finals Information Brochure throughout August in time for the start of the 2017 Toyota AFL Finals Series. AFL Membership Services will also make this brochure available online; it will feature everything you need to know regarding your membership entitlements for finals and ticketing arrangements.

To ensure you don’t miss any finals information register for the ‘MY AFL Tickets’ e-newsletter by logging on to your My AFL Account to update your email subscriptions.

Week AFL Reserve MCG/ES Other Venues (competing club of support Other Venues (non-competing club of support
1 Yes Club Member Price No
2 Yes Club Member Price No
3 Yes Club Member Price Club Member Price 


Week AFL Reserve MCG/ES Other Venues (competing club of support Other Venues (non-competing club of support) 
1 Yes Club Member Price No
2 Yes Club Member Price No
3 Guest Pass Price* Club Member Price  No 

* When guest passes are available.

Week AFL Reserve MCG/ES Other Venues (competing club of support)  Other Venues (non-competing club of support)
1 Guest Pass Price* Club Member Price No
2 Guest Pass Price* Club Member Price No
3 No No No

* When guest passes are available.


I’m a new AFL Member, when will I receive my AFL Membership card?    back to top

If joining prior to January 30, 2017, your AFL Membership card will be mailed in early February, 2017, prior to the commencement of the 2017 Pre-season JLT community Series matches. If joining after this time, you will receive your membership card within 10 working days.


I’m a current AFL Member that’s just renewed, when will I receive my AFL Membership card?    back to top

If renewing prior to January 31, 2017, your AFL Membership card will be mailed in early February, 2017. If your Membership renewal application is lodged after this time, you will receive your membership card within 10 working days.


Is AFL Membership transferable?    back to top

AFL Membership is a strictly non-transferable product, meaning that only the person whose name is on the membership card is entitled to use the benefits. Membership checks will be randomly conducted throughout the 2017 season and if your membership card is found to be used by another person, the membership may automatically be cancelled and all monies paid forfeited.


I have misplaced my AFL Membership card. How do I arrange for another AFL Membership card to be sent?    back to top

If your AFL Membership card has been misplaced, you will be required to make payment of $5 to replace the membership card.

Upon receipt of your payment, your original barcode will be cancelled so that no one else can utilise your membership, and a new barcode will be applied to your account within 48-72hrs.

The new barcode can be viewed under 'Edit Personal Preferences' within your MY AFL Account page and your new AFL Membership card will be forwarded within 10 working days.

To organise a new replacement card to mailed, please contact the AFL Membership team on 1300 722 515. Please note payment for the $5 replacement fee is required upfront upon request of a reprinted membership card. In the instance of a stolen AFL Membership card, the Membership card will be replaced at no cost upon provision of a police report detailing the theft.


How do I update my personal details?    back to top

To update your address, please log on to My AFL Account using your Membership number and Password or contact AFL Membership via phone on 1300 722 515 or email to

Please refer to your renewal invoice for your password to access My AFL Account.


My name has recently changed. How can I update this?    back to top

In order to change your first name / surname details, we require a copy of a legal document stating your change of name. For example, a marriage certificate, upon receipt of this documentation, your membership account will be updated.

Legal documents can be provided to AFL Membership via email at or post to GPO Box 5275 Melbourne 3000.


I am an AFL Member with special needs. How do I secure the best available seating?    back to top

For AFL Members with special needs, ticket booking can be made through the following channels to ensure the best available seating to suit your needs is secured.

For matches to be played at the MCG, please contact the Ticketek dedicated special needs line on: 1300 552 072.

For matches to be played at Etihad Stadium, please contact the Ticketmaster dedicated special needs line on: 1300 888 081.

If you have any queries about booking these tickets please contact AFL Membership on 1300 722 515 for further assistance.


I am eligible for a Concession Membership in 2017. What can I do if I want to join before I receive my identification?    back to top

If you will be eligible for a concession membership for the 2017 Premiership Season, but do not have the required documentation at the time of renewal, the following options are available:

1. Join as a concession member; however your 2017 membership card will not be mailed and no access will be given to 2017 Toyota AFL Premiership season until proof is provided. Proof of concession needs to be provided each year to be eligible for concession rates.

2. Join as an adult member on AFL Advance Easy Pay monthly and when you submit your concession documents, we will update your membership and the updated outstanding amount can be charged. You will receive a 2017 Adult membership card when purchasing the Adult membership; and when concession proof is provided, we will update your account and mail a 2017 Concession membership card. Please note that concession documentation must be lodged by May 30, 2017, to receive the concession membership rate. Concession provided after this date will not be accepted and no refunds will be provided.


Is there a Family AFL Membership available?    back to top

The AFL does not have a specific family membership, but does have a family discount offer available to eligible members. To be eligible for an AFL Membership family discount, there must be two full-fee paying adults (adult members) and one full-fee paying child or concession member.

Any additional juniors will be provided with a complimentary Membership upon payment of the junior joining fee. The junior with the highest value Membership type will be required to pay the annual Membership fee. The additional juniors to be provide complimentary membership is limited to three junior members.


What is the Junior Policy within the AFL Reserve?    back to top

Juniors under the age of three as at January 1, 2017 do not require an AFL Junior Membership or Junior Guest Pass, and are able to enter the AFL Reserve free of charge; however they must not occupy a seat where all seats in the AFL Reserve have been purchased.

Juniors over the age of three and under the age of 17 as at January 1, 2017 will be required to obtain an AFL Under 7 or Junior Membership or Junior Guest Pass to enter the AFL Reserve.


What is an AFL Under 7 Membership?    back to top

An AFL Under 7 Membership is a good idea for children who regularly attend the football with their family and have not yet reached the eligible age for a Junior Silver Membership. By paying the AFL Membership Junior joining fee of $225 prior to your child reaching the eligible age, your child will become an Under 7 Member.

The benefits of Under 7 Membership include an Under 7 membership card, which will allow your child to purchase reserved seating with the rest of your family (up until Week 2 of the Toyota AFL Finals Series only) and, as an Under 7 Member, your child will be placed on the waiting list for AFL Full Membership. Under 7 Membership does not allow club of Support to be chosen.


What is an Absentee Membership?    back to top

An Absentee Membership does not include match or finals entitlements; it simply is a holding fee for your membership status. The AFL does, however, issue Adult Absentee Members with two MCG AFL Reserve single use guest passes which can be used for a walk-up match of your choice during the home and away season.

Please note that guest passes will only be sent to Adult Absentee Members who renew by June 30, 2017.


As an AFL Member how can I continue to support my club?    back to top

By nominating your club of support you will be counted as an official member of your club and directly contribute a portion from your membership fee to that particular club.

You will continue to receive all club communications and your years of support for membership at your club will remain.


Does AFL Membership have country discount benefits?    back to top

Yes, but only for Gold AFL Members residing more than 180km from Melbourne GPO. AFL Silver Members do not qualify for a country discount off their annual subscription.


As a Silver Member do I get access to the Grand Final?    back to top

AFL Silver Members do not have Toyota AFL Grand Final entitlements included in their package. AFL Silver Members will only be offered the opportunity to purchase tickets in the AFL Reserve should AFL Gold Members not utilise the entire allocation of AFL Membership Toyota AFL Grand Final tickets.

If tickets are made available to Silver Members, a priority period is offered to those members with a Club Support package for either of the competing teams. If a Silver Member has a Club Support package for either competing team, they may be able to access a ticket through their club's ticket allocation in the public section of the ground. Members will need to clarify eligibility and the ticket selling process directly with their club of support. More information is distributed to members in August each year.


Does my AFL Membership get me access to the Cricket?    back to top

AFL Membership does allow access to purchase International Cricket at the MCG including the Boxing Day Test, One Day Internationals and International Twenty20 matches throughout 2017/2018 season at discounted prices.

AFL Members will be advised of the on-sale dates and ticket prices via email (if they have opted in to the ‘My AFL tickets’ subscription) and on once arrangements have been finalised.


What is AFL Match Day Dining?    back to top

AFL Members Dining is an additional member’s service where all members are entitled to make a match day reservation within the AFL Members Dining Room at either the MCG or Etihad Stadium.

Dining reservations must be pre booked through your My AFL Account or by contacting AFL Membership on 1300 722 515 during business hours. Reservations cannot be accepted after 5pm Wednesday prior to the match you want to attend.


Where can you find us on match days?    back to top

An AFL Membership team member will be available to assist any members on match day and will be located at the Gate 7 box office window at the MCG and in the Gate 2 Mini-Dome at Etihad Stadium.

We will always have a team member at each match throughout the home and away season and finals series for your assistance if required.


Still have questions?

Please contact us - we are committed to making your football experience better!